After Crown or Bridge

Post-operative instructions for crown or bridge treatments

During your appointment today, one or more teeth were prepared for a crown or bridge. A provisional restoration was fabricated and cemented with temporary cement to allow for easy removal at your next appointment. Provisional crowns are universal in shade. Your final restoration, however, will be customized to match your other teeth in both color and function.

Special Instructions

  • Be careful while you are still numb. It can be easy to bite your lip, cheek or tongue.
  • Avoid hard or sticky foods that may dislodge your provisional crowns, such as:
    • Hard chewy, breads such as bagels or French bread
    • Chewy candies, such as taffy, caramels or gum
    • Hard, crunchy foods such as corn nuts or popcorn kernels
  • Do not bite into foods such as corn on the cob or apples if your front tooth/teeth were restored.

Sensitivity or Soreness

  • The gum tissue may have been irritated during the procedure as most crown margins are below the gum line. Injections of anesthetic often make the area sore as well. If you notice any tissue changes, rinse with salt water for a few days to minimize inflammation.
  • Sensitivity, especially to cold or pressure, is common and should gradually decrease over the next few weeks. Mild to moderate pain following this procedure is normal. You can take 600mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours for a few days to reduce inflammation.
  • With any dental procedure there is a slight risk that the nerve may not respond well and further treatment may be needed. Please let us know right away if you are having tooth pain that is increasing in frequency, duration or intensity.

Hygiene Instructions

Acrylic provisionals attract more bacteria than natural teeth; therefore it is important to brush normally, at least two times a day. Floss at least once a day, but floss carefully and don’t pull up on the floss, which may dislodge the provisional crown. Pull the floss out from the side of the provisional crown.

Additional Information

  • If the provisional crown comes off please see reverse side for cementation instructions or call the office at your convenience to get the crown re-cemented.
  • Please bring any removable appliance you use with you to your next visit to be sure it will fit properly over your new restoration.
  • If your bite feels uneven, please call for a bite adjustment.

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